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Cape Cod Sewer and Drain
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Too eager salesman
Tim McElroy will NEVER send a high-pressure salesman. His team members price jobs UP FRONT from a published price book. Tim personally estimates all installations and major repairs.

Tim McElroy's No-Pressure Sales Pledge

If there's one thing Tim hates more than anything else it's a high-pressure salesman. He won't tolerate it in his personal life. He won't tolerate it from his vendors. And he definitely won't tolerate it from his own team. That's why everyone, including Tim, has signed the following pledge:

"I agree to abide by the following code of behavior governing my recommendations to my customers:

  1. I will not make any recommendation that I do not believe is in the customer's best interest.
  2. I will only make recommendations warranted by thorough testing, by analysis, and if appropriate, by calculation according to the best standards of my industry.
  3. I will respect my customers' time by always being punctual, by informing them in advance if I am to be delayed, and by following up promptly with promised information and proposals.
  4. I will never use tricks or tactics to pressure my customer into making a decision before he or she is completely comfortable and has had ample time to do all of his or her due diligence.
  5. I will do everything in my power to fully explain options and to provide my customers with written or online materials to assist them in making the best decision for their homes and or businesses AND for their budget.
  6. Any price I give will be according to our published price book, any discounts applied only by special offers previously published in our mailings, advertising, newsletter or on our website.
  7. I will provide my customers with a detailed written proposal when requested or when my quote will exceed $1,000. This will include a detailed list of all work to be performed and equipment to be installed.
  8. I will provide customers with Tim McElroy's cell phone number as well as email address so that they may easily reach him if the have any question or concerns."
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